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A group of community members has recently formed a PAC, ‘Jackson Hole Votes YES!’ to advocate for keeping the community in Jackson Hole -- building the town and county we as locals want to live, work and raise our families in – by supporting the full slate of projects proposed on the 2019 SPET ballot.

Each item on the SPET ballot directly supports important items the Jackson community has repeatedly said they value – safety, health, environmental sustainability, housing and wildlife. 


PAC Chairs include Joni Upsher, Lauren Dickey and Mike Welch, who see this as an opportunity to educate voters and encourage them to support community values in November.

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History Museum Building – Genevieve Block

$4,400,000.00 for the purchase of land for the locating of a Historical Museum upon portions of the property known as 135 and 175 East Broadway Avenue (the Café Genevieve Block). Following the purchase, the remaining funds will be used for relocation of historic structures and artifacts, including the rehabilitation of those structures, construction of one or more new structures and related site improvements on the site, and designing, planning, engineering, constructing, and/or furnishing of the Historical Museum building and site. In the event the Café Genevieve Block property is not acquired and approved for location of a Historical Museum, the funds will be used for the purchase and development of land, relocation and rehabilitation of historic structures and construction of one or more new structures and related site improvements, at such alternative location as may be approved jointly by the Jackson Town Council and Teton County Board of County Commissioners.


This project is sponsored by Teton County

From JH Votes Yes

Vote YES for history.

The Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum has been preserving and showcasing the valley’s colorful history for more than sixty years. However, without a permanent home, we risk losing a treasured venue to connect people to place by fostering an appreciation for Teton County’s heritage and cultural traditions. These funds will help relocate the Historical Museum to the Café Genevieve Block, a fitting historical location, preserving our history for future generations.